Catch Highlights from AsiaBerlin Summit 2020

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Connecting Startup Ecosystems in Asia and Berlin 

We are a community-driven collective platform that connects startup ecosystems and the investor community across Asia and Berlin.  We are continuously building bridges to connect the vibrant Berlin startups to various thriving startup ecosystems in Asia through monthly Asiaberlin events, delegation trips, and our annual conference- AsiaBerlin Summit. 

We did it! Our first hybrid AsiaBerlin Summit in 2020!

 As one of the few international conferences this year, the AsiaBerlin Summit 2020  (21-27 September) took place on-site with a huge number of online attendees as well. The offline participants met and connected in person. And more importantly, we had a massive online presence as some speakers joined us via conference calls and engaged with us behind screens from all over the world.  Entrepreneurs and the investor community from Asia and Berlin joined forces to talk about the internationalization of startups across sectors such as UrbanTech, HealthTech, FinTech, industry 4.0, AI, and Blockchain. 

Voices of Our Community

“I think AsiaBerlin is a unique platform that leverages the “Power of Clusters” of Berlin and connects it with an ascendant Asia which is a playfield of opportunities. There is a tremendous opportunity for the AsiaBerlin community to champion ventures that focus on solutions for human-social systems that are in harmony with the natural order by bringing together technology and principles of good design.”

Nav Qirti, Principal, Ideactio

“As a venture capitalist, I am excited to live in a city (Berlin) where I believe the future is being created. I am motivated to contribute to the AsiaBerlin community and program because it seeks to create more bridges for ideas, talent, and capital to move across the fast-growing tech hub of Berlin and the fastest growing digital markets in the world in Asia.  From that standpoint, I would describe what Berlin is doing as ‘scaling serendipity.”

Miguel Encarnacion, Managing Partner, Unifier Ventures

“The AsiaBerlin community makes this amazing region (Asia) approachable to founders in Berlin and Germany. Every time I am in touch with the Ambassadors I learn and explore. This learning journey has also opened up new opportunities for me – not just personally and culturally, but also business-wise. I formed new partnerships, learned from fellow founders and build bridges.”

Maren Lesche, Founder at Startup Colors


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