Aravinth is an interdisciplinary expert with 17+ years of global experience in science, engineering, arts and sustainability, with the core expertise in research, development and production of electro-mechanical embedded systems and digital products.

As an entrepreneur, he co-founded 7 organisations in the sector of education, sustainability, agriculture, consulting & engineering services, in Asia & Europe.

As an engineer, he worked for 2 big corporates in the telecom sector and worked for 8 tech startups in the sector of education, smart home, media, agriculture, energy, healthcare & water, in Asia & Europe, where one of the hardware products was sold in 30K+ quantities and one of the software products reached 10M+ users.

As an educator, he trained several young innovators and mentored 120+ deep tech startups in the domain of advanced materials, healthcare, agriculture, aerospace, energy, automotive & biotechnology, globally.

As an advisor, he is affiliated with 23 organisations and supported several individuals, startups, accelerators, incubators, innovation hubs, corporates, investors, manufacturers, research institutions, universities, government initiatives, art galleries and social enterprises, in more than 50 countries.

As a community builder, he co-created and has been curating several communities for startups, sustainability, education & art, in Asia, Europe & Africa.


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