Aravinth Panch

Founder | Interdisciplinary Expert, araCreate

Aravinth is an interdisciplinary expert with 17+ years of global experience in science, engineering, arts and sustainability, with the core expertise in research, development, and production of electro-mechanical embedded systems and digital products. As an engineer, he worked for 2 big corporations and worked for 8 tech startups in Asia & Europe. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded 7 organizations in Asia & Europe. As a scientist, he researched at 4 academic research institutions in Germany. As an educator, he trained several young innovators and mentored 120+ deep tech startups globally. As an advisor, he is affiliated with 23 organizations and supported several individuals & organizations in more than 50 countries. As an artist, he has co-created several new media art installations which attracted more than 1.5 million visitors in Germany, Australia & the USA. As a community builder, he co-created and has been curating several communities in Asia, Europe & Africa.


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