Michael Maeder

Panel: Digital Innovation Made in China
Tuesday May 14 | 12:15 PM – 12:45 PM

Michael is Cofounder & Managing Partner of Ward
Howell International in China and IOT ONE. He also
serves on the Board of Directors of the German
Chamber of Commerce in East China.

Born in China, German by origin and with combined work experience in 6 countries
spread over 2 continents, Michael is a true global citizen dedicated to cross-cultural
cooperation. Having started his career in supply chain consulting, Michael later has co-
founded an award-winning Human Resources Services practice in China. As Consultant
Michael supports clients across their Leadership and Organisational Development
challenges in China and broader Asia.
Michael is a frequent keynote speaker on panels, conferences and seminars on topics
around Leadership, Organization and Industrial Digital Transformation in China and
broader Asia.

Michael graduated with a M.Sc. CEMS with distinction in International Management from Rotterdam School of Management.